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John Adams watercolors are expressions of his 
unique vision of the natural environment. He finds 
inspiration everywhere; mountains, the ocean, 
coastal harbors, serene landscapes and busy 
cities. Anywhere light creates form and color may 
become the stimulus for a painting. Combining
elements of the intuitive painting processes of an 
experienced abstract painter with the thoughtful 
design of a professional graphic artist, John’s 
paintings are filled with color and expressive 

As a signature member of both the National and 
Northwest Watercolor Societies his award-winning 
watercolors have been exhibited in many juried shows and collected by art lovers throughout the United States. 

Please view the paintings here and purchase online if you like or contact John to commission a painting made especially for you from your own photo, concept or color palette.
John Adams Watercolors                                          
In The Mountains
Northwest Country
Greeting Cards
Recent Work
Painting on Puget Sound.
Paintings and prints are offered unframed. 

Archival giclee prints of any original watercolors shown on this site are available at size 12x16"  $95

Metal Prints size 8x10 are $90

Shipping costs vary depending on destination.

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Autumn watercolor workshop at 
North Cascades Basecamp